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Winter Pedicures Yeah or Neh?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Yeah for sure!! Winter pedicures are still a great way to keep those feet in great shape during the winter season. Winter time is also a good time to give your toe nails a break from polish and gels. Your nails are porous and absorb everything you put on them. Once polishes or gels are off make sure to inspect your nails and toes thoroughally for fungus that may be developing. If fungus is suspected then nail polish or gels should not be applied. Opt for just a nail buffing to bring out the shine and ask for Gewhol foot cream for dry rough skin. Apply tea tree oil to fungal nails daily and be sure to dry feet and toes thoroughally after showers or bath. Cuticle oil like Cuccio Grapeseed oil will keep your nails pliable and cuticles soft.

If you cannot stay away from colour on your toes then Shellac or gel services make a great winter pedicure last for weeks and don't worry about dry time. LED cured in just 30 seconds. Put on your boots and go! Remember to ask for only Shellac and Biosculpture gels which are healthier alternatives for the nails and are rated safe. Ask for OPI or Cuccio brands that contain no Formaldehyde or Toluene.

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