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Professional technician with over 25 years in Micropigmentation.  Trust only a professional.  Free consultation is required to discuss clients preferences.  

Permanent tattoo and ombre last 3 to 5 years at which time a colour refresh is recommended.  Micro-blading lasts up to 18 months.  Free touch up within 2 months.  

Eyebrows Ombre     from  $400  

Eyebrows Microblading     $300  

Eyeliner   Top or Bottom    $300

Eyeliner  Top and Bottom  $500

Lip Liner                    from   $300   

Lip Liner/Full Lip                 $500

Beauty Spot                         $50

Touch up after 2 months     $150

Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent Make up and Micro blading: Service
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