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You’ve got a party tonight and are looking for a Wax Hair Removal Center that guarantees exceptional services at jaw-dropping rates. Our highly qualified staff are fully equipped to provide you with professional services. There’s nowhere in Toronto where you can get a better Leg Wax. Come by today or schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you.

Full Leg                                    $45

1/2 Leg upper                          $35

1/2 Leg Lower                         $25

Bikini Line                                $20

Extended Bik                           $25

Brazilian                                   $35

Euro                                         $45

Eyebrow Shaping                    $15

Eyebrow wax within 3 weeks  $10

           Upper Lip                                 $10           

  Full Body                                  $100


  Full Legs/ Bikini                        $50

  Full Legs/ Brazilian                   $80

  Mens Back                       from $25

  Chest                                from $25

  Chest and Stomach                  $50

    Chest stomach back        from $75  

Add $10 to each service for Sugaring 

Waxing  and Sugaring Services: Services
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