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Lash Lift and Curl

Shave minutes off your morning routine by getting a Lash Lift or Curl A.K.A as a lash perm. European technique that enhances and lifts your natural eyelashes without the use of lash extensions, or annoying eyelash curlers. This process is not new. However, with the breakthrough of Eyelash extension in the last 5 years people are turning to a more natural less maintenance approach. It is very similar to a perm you would get to your hair. Recommended for people who have straight, downward growing, medium to long lashes and just want a natural curl and lift. Perm rods in different sizes are selected that best suits your lash length. A special bonding agent is then applied to the lashes and one by one, lashes are pushed into place and straightened to the rod. Then a special solution is applied which takes approximately 8 min. Step 2 a neutralizer is applied to the lashes for another 5 min. Total 13 minutes and voila beautiful lashes that are naturally curved and open up the eyes. Lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Approx, cost $50 Get your eyes to pop even more with a tinting treatment in "Black Ember" (15min) $20 to give those light to fair lashes more definition.

Things to remember and to get the best possible result. Oils and creams can stick to the lashes creating a barrier and reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. Do come with make up free and mascara-free lashes. Use an oil free cleanser or make up remover. Do not use any creams or serums before your appointment. Completely bare is essential to a good outcome. If you are concerned about allergies a 24 hour patch test would be recommended before you have the treatment.

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