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A professional aesthetician can help spot underlying skin and health conditions early.

Did you know that your nails are a strong indicator of various health problems? Some mild and some more serious. From deep pitted nails, clubbed fingertips, yellow or blue undertone nails can signal problems with heart and lungs as well as autoimmune disorders. White nails can signal kidney disease. Mineral deficiencies such as Zinc and Iron are also traceable to your nail condition. Black streaks or colour changes to the nail (if not caused by trauma or bruising) should immediately be reported to your doctor. Index finger, great toenail are the most common digits to develop melanoma. If you are not sure make sure you make visit to your doctor a priority.

A client came in one time and lay down to have a facial and out popped a huge ball on her neck. My client didn't even know it was there. With a visit to her doctor shortly after she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Fortunately, it was caught on time and is now cancer free.

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